A Child Shall Lead Us - A Unique Approach to Youth Development
A Unique Approach to Youth Development 
We believe that education and the development of a learning process is the key to youth development.  Two many of our youth are not getting the proper information and not just the formal education but what they will need and have to do to develop into happy healthy adults.  We are offering youth professionals in the education, recreation and the nonprofit fields the kind of information and instruction that will make your program a desired attraction to children and guide them in their development in even the most challenging environments.
A Child Shall Lead Us
Student Retention Program
A Child Shall Lead Us Director, Greg Payne is seeking a position with a university or college with the Student Services Department in the area of Student Retention.  I have developed a program that will increase student retention and prepare students to be successful in their chosen career.  Please see our blog on student Development.  Please call (937) 829-1764 or email at paynegregory@ymail.com to contact Mr. Payne.
Additional Services:
  • Mentoring and Mentor training elementary through high school
  • Individual workshops on ACSLU Program Modules
  • 40 Developmental Asset training for Staff
  • Recreation Programming
  • Athletic Coaching
  • Alternative Classroom Learning Instruction
  • Program/Project Management
  • Program Consulting and Evaluation
  • Educational Development and Career Planning
Business Partnerships and Contract Services
  • Miami Valley Child Development Centers
  • Adolescent Recovery Center
  • Central State University
  • Dayton Liberty Academy
  • Men of Standards Fatherhood and Youth Mentoring Program
  • Department of Youth Services Second Chance Mentoring Program
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